• Group phase: each team plays five matches, one versus each opponent in their pool.
  • Elimination phase: the best team of each pool enter the elimination phase, where they will compete against winners of other pools. ‘Best’ is defined as winning the most matches. If there is a tie, the team with the shortest total won-match play time is placed higher. There will be no losers’ bracket. Instead, we organize separate mini-tournaments (e.g. ARAM) for teams that have been eliminated from the tournament.
  • Bronze finale: the two teams that lost their semi-finals will play in the Bronze Finale, determining who gets the third and fourth place.
  • Finale: the two teams that won their semi-finals will compete in a single match to determine the winner.
Pool 1
Pool 2
One Orange Diamond
Mentally Challengers
Dissapointed, but expected
Duurt Gewoon LAN
Fabulously Outrageous Gems
Salt & Beer Øfficial Dørans Døwnies
Hydrofiel eSports 1
lol + lol = hihi B-Yolo-G

Pool 3

Pool 4
The Scientific Approach
De Knakworstvochtdrinkers
Marie Carry
Jus D’orans
TScAp Academy Team
Team Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
10K Down
Vreemd genoeg niet MFD
Zoutelande Djallas
Halve Leo en de Slonkieparade Small Brain Gamers